Commercial Moving Services

“The key to successful office relocation is pre-planning.”
Whether your moving requirements are large or small, only qualified experts should handle the relocation of your office or commercial space. That’s where we come in. At Monti Moving, we understand that pre-planning, coordination, and attention to detail—no matter how small—play crucial roles in a successful move. With an impressive history of relocating businesses of all sizes, we are uniquely qualified to offer you the finest commercial moving services available. Depend on our commercial movers to assist with all aspects of your move. We offer:
  • Professional Supervision
  • Experienced Personnel
  • High-Quality Packing Boxes
  • Packing Services
  • Special Carts to Transport Computers & Electronics
  • Modern Packing & Moving Equipment
  • Unfaltering Customer Service

Your Very Own Qualified Advisor

At Monti Moving, we provide you with a qualified advisor who will visit you to help determine the scope of your move. Your advisor will also suggest the equipment needed to complete the job in the allotted timeframe. Based on the visit, your advisor will provide assistance with:

Cost Analysis

We provide a written quote based on the custom services you need for your relocation.


Downtime during an office move is of real concern. Fortunately, your advisor will help plan the most efficient schedule to ensure that no one is ever standing still or waiting around. We understand that any time you’re not available to support your customers is an opportunity for your competitors to steal your business. That’s why we work hard to relocate your office as fast as possible. We can even work on weekends and after-hours.


Your advisor identifies items of special interest that may require third-party relocation services, such as leased equipment or items with special handling requirements. Even large industrial machines and safes can be moved easily with the proper identification, equipment, and know-how.

New Office Layouts

During your move, it’s important that you provide your advisor with the layout for your new office. This helps us make the most efficient plan for your relocation. If a layout is unavailable, your advisor can offer advice and help you develop the ideal floorplan.

Our Commercial Services

In addition to planning, our commercial moving services include:


Some companies have their employees pack up their desks and files themselves. While this does save on moving costs, it’s not the most efficient way to relocate your office. Our professionals understand how to properly pack, relocate, and re-establish all your files in the proper order in your new office. This allows your employees to keep handling their work responsibilities while simultaneously protecting them from potential injuries. If you still wish to do the packing yourself, you can count on us for the boxes and materials you need. All materials—including labels and boxes—will be delivered at your convenience before moving day arrives.

Dismantling & Assembling

Count on us to dismantle your furniture and re-assemble it on-site, from standard office furniture to the most modern contract system furniture.


Occasionally, companies discover that their new space doesn’t have enough space for all their furniture. This often happens when the new space is still being prepared by painters and workers. If you require storage, all your items can be safely containerized in our warehouse.

Relocation Day Services

On your relocation day(s), our crew will protect your new and old offices’ floors, elevators, stairs, and railings. Additionally, your moving advisor will be present throughout the move to help guide the crew and ensure a smooth transition.

In addition to our office moving services, you can also rely on us for residential moving services. Call now for more information.